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Pharos Dictionaries is the only South African publisher dedicated to South African dictionaries. Assisted by cutting-edge computer technology and expert co-workers, Pharos’s team of in-house lexicographers continually revise and adapt its dictionaries and develop new products to meet the rapidly changing needs of South African dictionary users.

Pharos specialises in Afrikaans monolingual and Afrikaans and English bilingual dictionaries, but it has a growing number of bilingual and multilingual titles that reflect the full complexity of the South African language scene, and more exciting projects are under way and being planned. Pharos also publishes subject dictionaries, reference books and a variety of compilations, guides and dictionaries for crossword lovers.

Pharos is further renowned for its electronic products and online library. This library contains a wide range of out-of-print dictionaries and is continually being expanded as additional titles are sourced. Visit for more information.

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